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Recently, my friend Vivian of Style Me Endless did an end of summer round-up style post over on her blog, and I thought that it would be a wonderful post to look back on in the future! These are some of the bigger trips and things I did this summer with a few pictures from each occasion. I hope you enjoy this post! xoxo

P.S. When you'r reading this, I'll be spending my last day in America exploring Boston! And my next post will go up once I'm in France! Eeep, I can't believe I leave Thursday night. Crazy. 

grece summer post
greece summer post

Of all of my travels this summer, Greece had to be the best. Not only was the architecture extraordinary, but the food was delectable and the scenery breathtaking. We were able to explore Oia and the surrounding islands a bit, as well as see the Parthenon in Athens. At least once a year, we will take a girls only trip, which happened to be Greece this year. I had a wonderful time making memories + splitting heaps of taziki/pita with my sister and mom. 

prague summer 2014 post new

Another trip I went on was Prague with National Geographic Expeditions. I've always had an interest in photography, and this trip was perfect since it was photography focused with all day shooting + learning sessions. I was able to make a great group of friends and meet other people my age with a similar interest which was awesome. One day, my friend Katie, Chris, and I explored Kutna Hora and its beautiful forests which is something I'll never forget. We ended the trip with a photo gallery of each of our top shots which was truly an experience (and people showed up!) Also, prior to departing, I told my brother that we would see each other as he was on another trip there at the same time. And, what do you ya know? I saw him completely on a whim! 

summer concerts
summer concert pic 2014

I've always loved concerts and try to go at least one each summer since I usually can't attend ones during the school year. This summer, I went to One Direction (again) with my best friend Allison. You can see a little video I did of the concert here. I enjoyed hearing their latest album live and it was quite an adventure since we went solo, sans parents. The other concert I went to was Blake Shelton, which was a free beach concert in AC. It was complete and utter insanity. There were people there from all over, donning their best western wear. Lots of people from my hometown were there as well and it was nice catching up with all of my friends I don't see often. 

texas and missouri summer 2014 post

Two trips other trips we made were just a little bit closer to home. My brother Jon went off to college this year (tear, tear) and so I went along to move him in to his college near St. Louis. Naturally, I set up the printer and other decor because that's what I do best. We also attended a Cardinal's baseball game which was quite fun. I'm not much of a sports fan, however I can tolerate and enjoy baseball, hahah. Further south, we flew to Dallas just last week to see my sister one last time before I leave. We did what I'd call a food tour and a little shopping too. En route to dinner one night, we also saw some murals and graffiti which was neat. 

friends post text

As with each summer, I spent a lot time with my friends. From swimming in my pool to munching on Applebee's deliciousness weekly, we had loads of fun and made memories that I will cherish forever. I cannot wait to come back from France and share my experiences with them as well as make more memories with them next summer. While this school year will be a series of ups and downs, I trust that the ups will over ride the downs. I am so excited for this adventure ahead! I will truly miss all of my friends this school year (if any of y'all are reading this, je t'aime!)

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  1. Super:) x

  2. I absolutely love this! Glad you had a great summer and have fun in France, I'm so jealous that you get to travel everywhere! Haha looking forward to a travel diary post soon ;)

    1. Thanks! It's definitely going to be a travel filled year for me! Working on a new post as we speak. ;)

      xo, Isabelle