Wearing:// Dress: Aritzia (Billabong Glass Petals Baby Doll Dress), Jacket: LF Stores (Levi's Aluna Denim Jacket), Shoes: Chanel (Doc Martens Chelsea Boots), Backpack: Topshop (Topshop 'Metallic' Backpack & Topshop 'Smart' Backpack) , Lips: Rebel by MAC 

As much as I wouldn't like to admit it, school is quickly approaching. I'll be having orientation from the 8th-10th, with school starting the 11th. While school is always a definite drag, dressing in something that makes you feel confident can certainly relieve a bit of the usual first day stress. Before high school, I did not have a uniform and found dressing in the same style of clothing almost tiring after two years of prep school. However, besides croissants, macaroons, and Euro travel, my school year abroad in France also brings a lack of dress code! I plan on sticking to simplistic dressing, as I do not have my entire wardrobe and minimalistic dressing is more my idea of Europe. This baby doll flower printed dress from Aritzia is the perfect back to school closet staple, which I can see myself styling with a chunky cardigan, cropped sweater, or leather jacket. To accentuate the lax vibe of the baby doll cut, I threw on an extremely oversized denim jacket from LF, which was a sale find. Score! And I of course broke out the ankle socks + chelsea boots to get the fall vibes going.

I can't believe tomorrow is my last day home! We're heading Wednesday September 3rd to Boston and I leave on Thursday night to CDG. I'm scheduling this in advance so when you see this I'll already be in France hopefully settling in! I have a few posts lined up for the first week or so that I'm here to avoid stress, however France posts will be rolling out soon enough. I am so excited to share pictures from all of my adventures and strolls. Hope y'all are well! xoxo

Update: I'm here! We just arrived yesterday I have been getting adjusting to this entirely new and exciting lifestyle, as well as the time change. I will have a post with pictures of the area up soon enough, probably in between the next outfit post. I am going to try to get some classmates to help me out with outfit posts- I can't wait to shoot some looks in the quaint city streets! Talk soon. x

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  1. It's so amazing that you have the opportunity to study abroad. I wish you the best of luck!! By the way, I love the look :) xx, Sarah Jane

  2. That denim jacket is absolutely lovely! Good luck with your time abroad :)

  3. I sure do love a good denim jacket and yours is gorgeous! Good luck for the school year!
    x Erin

  4. I'm jealous again of all your clothes! The denim jacket is my favourite piece!x

  5. The backpack and boots are so awesome! Really good outfit! xx

  6. Love the outfit! Can't wait to see more <3 Hope France is treating well :)