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Wearing:// Top: Nordstrom, Jacket: Mother Denim, Jeans: Citizens of Humanity, Shoes: Converse, Sunnies: Wildfox, Bag: Longchamp 

Even though I've only been here just two weeks, it feels as if I took these pictures ages ago. Somehow, the time passes slowly but the days feel super long and jam-packed, which I've started to realize is la vie en France. Just a few days ago, we were sent out to discover this enchanting and vast city, while our teachers scrambled to create our schedules. After a good hour or so of "trying" to find answers, we stumbled upon some of our other classmates and while some students bought croissants, my friend Carter and I took some pictures in front of the Maison Ti Koz. Evidently, the date written on the facade of this medieval looking building ended up being a question later in the hunt, so I was easily able to find the answer by zooming in on these pictures! #bloggerwin. With my feet tingling from walking to all ends of the city, we returned with a good bit of the sheet done, not exactly caring whether or not we would win the hunt since we were satisfied with our solo explorations across Rennes. Because this was a Wednesday, our first Wednesday of the school year, we were then let out at 12, in response to the universal Wednesday half day in France. My friends and I hit all of the European boutiques and outdoor cafes, noting a Lush and The Body Shop in town (there's also Subway haha). It was really hard not to grab everything in sight at these quaint shops- gorgeous cardigans and elegant shirts graced my yearning fingertips and I may or may not have walked out with one. Or two. It's all a blur at this point. You could say that was a good day. 

Today I went to the weekly Saturday market with a student renting a room at my host family's house, Estelle. She pointed out all of the different sections of the market (fish, meat, flowers, jelly, vegetables, chocolate, etc.), helped me with names of things I didn't know in French, and showed me *the* best chocolate stand. Ever. Thank goodness for samples! Afterwards, we both decided we should probably do some homework before we would have drinks with some neighbors and head to Saint Briac-sur-Mer all day tomorrow. If I have my facts straight, it's a beach/town just an hour outside of Rennes. I will definitely be posting some pics from there soon! Hope all of you are well. Kisses from France! xoxo

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