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     Not too long ago, I received a comment on a post asking to see a hair care routine from me. Initially, I was somewhat surprised as I've always thought of my hair as a tangly, frizzy mess, but I finally caved and here is the post! Just as a little backstory; I've never dyed my hair despite the occasional impulse for highlights and only did a Brazilian Blowout treatment a few years ago. Otherwise, my hair is au naturale! I hope this post gives you some new product ideas and let me know if you have any ones you would recommend! Enjoy. xoxo 

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     As I think a lot of girls have learned throughout the years, changing your shampoo and conditioner from time to time is essential. Eventually, your hair becomes used to the aspects of your products that were once beneficial and just returns to being lackluster. For me, I try to go through my shampoos and conditioners and then switch from there in order to not be so wasteful. In the off chance that I absolutely hate something, then I will try to give it to my mom/friends or just throw it out. Lately, I've been rotating shampoos between the Herbal Essences 'Hydra-Licious & De-Damage Boost' (with a swirl looking bottle) and the Drybar 'Happy Hour' blowout shampoo. I used to get more expensive products from the salon and found that they weren't great for my hair, but found more luck at the drug store. However, when I do know that I am going to be in a rush and need my hair to be dry, I'll use my Drybar shampoo in anticipation of blowdrying my hair. Naturally, I ran out of the conditioner ages ago, but the shampoo still does the trick in making my hair smooth and silky. Day to day, I use the matching Herbal Essences conditioner and leave it on for at least five minutes in the shower in order to let it work its magic. Like many, I run out of conditioner like it's my job, which also provides another opportunity to test out some new products and it's totally fine to switch brands as well.

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     Another essential aspect of hair and hair growth is getting the occasional trim. When I used to have really long hair, I would get them about every month or two as my ends became a little excessive. After taking the chop during the winter, hair maintenance became a lot easier, with trims being less frequent. Cutting off about five inches made my hair all the more healthy and more manageable, as well as easier to grow out. Say no to ponytail hair headaches! At the end of summer, I will probably take another short cut prior to school, although I will not be needing one very soon. Also, I don't have any layers at the moment and have found myself not to be a fan of layers after a botched hair job a few years ago (cringe worthy, I tell you). 

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    In my routine, the post shower process is most unique, which I think holds true to every individual. If you knew me in real life, you would know I have an overflowing bucket of leave in conditioners from throughout the years. After years of experimenting with products, I think I've found some of my favorites, although I should probably also change up this aspect of my routine. After I take a shower, I always take a wide tooth comb and gently comb throughout my hair. Depending on the day, I will either take my It's a Ten miracle leave-in product (it's actually really great), or my Macadamia oil, found at CVS. The Macadamia oil, which is a dupe for the higher end version, is quite heavy and smells really good I might add, but makes your hair very luscious. I wouldn't recommend you use it too often, or your hair might end up a bit greasy. Although, when I do use it, I towel dry my hair until it is slight damp and finger comb it throughout my hair from the ears down. I have found this lets the product soak in better instead of seeping into my towel from my soaking wet hair. With the It's a Ten, I just comb it into my hair before throwing it up into my turban towel contraption on my head and it does the trick. If my hair is looking a little flat and lackluster once dry, I will take a teeny tiny drop of my S Factor Dream Drops, which adds instant shine and smells like strawberries. I'm all about the scents, as you can tell. 

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I hope you found this post informative and helpful! If you have any other post requests, I would be delighted to do them. I wasn't feeling very well this whole weekend, but am starting to feel a bit better so hopefully posting will be a bit more frequent. My blogging anniversary is fast approaching, which is quite exciting! Look out for that post coming up, with a big announcement included! xoxo Isabelle 

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  1. amazing post!! Your hair is utterly magical and so beautiufl thanks for sharing <3

  2. Great post. Your hair is beautiful!♥ xx

  3. Your hair always looks so perfect, so thanks for all your advice! :) I recently cut my hair to almost the same lenghts as yours and I completely agree - it's so much easier to take care of!
    Nastya x

    1. Thank you so much! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

      xo, Isabelle