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    Two years ago today I sat down nervous as ever, and wrote my first blog post ever. To be honest, I don't think I knew what I was doing, nor do I really at the moment, haha. I actually can't believe I've stuck with blogging this long- I am definitely one to start something and quickly throw in the towel not long after beginning. Blogging, however, clearly does not fall under that category. It's still crazy to think that I began this website of mine at age fourteen, prior to the high school madness that would ensue. Although, I am definitely glad I made that decision on that summer day and ran with it- I can't imagine having not built the connections with blogging friends and readers that I have. And whether you're a new reader or a long time LBNF veteran, you rock. No doubt. 

If you've been keeping up with my latest posts, you would know I've been hinting at an announcement of sorts. I've known that I was going to do this for months now, but never actually wrote about it on the blog. I don't think I came and still haven't come to terms with the realness of it, and blogging about it would validate it even more. Anyway, enough of my rambling- I am delighted to announce that this school year, junior year of high-school for me, I will be doing a school year abroad in France!! I'll be cafe venturing (probably blogging with a café au lait in hand), hopefully speaking French on the regular, and just immersing myself as best I can in the time I have. The school is located about two hours outside Paris, so I can always swing by Paris Fashion Week. ;) It is just for one year, and I will be returning to my regular school for senior year just so you know. I hope you've enjoyed my posts these past two years and here's to more blogging in the future! *cheers*  xoxo Isabelle  



Tied Up

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Wearing:// Dress: Urban Outfitters (Similar here and here), Sweater: LF (Similar here), Shoes: Converse, Necklace: Local Jewelry Store, Earrings: Juicy Couture (they're little broken hearts fyi) 

Long time no talk once again! I guess you could say I've been a bit "tied up", hehehe. Yeah, I suppose I'm really not as funny as I tell myself I am. Anyway, I've been caught up in being so busy- from pre-calc tutoring (hell), to hanging out with my friends, and always fun family gatherings, I've been very preoccupied. Oh, and I can't forget about tending to my wicked burn lines I got from *one* long trip to the beach. And when I say wicked, I mean chest finger prints and red all up the side of my leg action. Ouch. While avoiding the sun but coming out of my cave of a room, I've been keeping it casual with simple circle dresses + light sweaters that cover my sunburn well. I've also been gravitating more towards gold jewelry pieces lately, and chose some simple drop style earrings and a dainty gold necklace as well. This entire look has a casual yet flirty vibe to it which says summer to me in this awful humidity.

 I hope you guys enjoyed this post- I'm off to finish my post coming on Wednesday! It should be an exciting one. :D Have a wonderful week. Love you guys! xoxo


Hair Talk | My Routine


     Not too long ago, I received a comment on a post asking to see a hair care routine from me. Initially, I was somewhat surprised as I've always thought of my hair as a tangly, frizzy mess, but I finally caved and here is the post! Just as a little backstory; I've never dyed my hair despite the occasional impulse for highlights and only did a Brazilian Blowout treatment a few years ago. Otherwise, my hair is au naturale! I hope this post gives you some new product ideas and let me know if you have any ones you would recommend! Enjoy. xoxo 

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     As I think a lot of girls have learned throughout the years, changing your shampoo and conditioner from time to time is essential. Eventually, your hair becomes used to the aspects of your products that were once beneficial and just returns to being lackluster. For me, I try to go through my shampoos and conditioners and then switch from there in order to not be so wasteful. In the off chance that I absolutely hate something, then I will try to give it to my mom/friends or just throw it out. Lately, I've been rotating shampoos between the Herbal Essences 'Hydra-Licious & De-Damage Boost' (with a swirl looking bottle) and the Drybar 'Happy Hour' blowout shampoo. I used to get more expensive products from the salon and found that they weren't great for my hair, but found more luck at the drug store. However, when I do know that I am going to be in a rush and need my hair to be dry, I'll use my Drybar shampoo in anticipation of blowdrying my hair. Naturally, I ran out of the conditioner ages ago, but the shampoo still does the trick in making my hair smooth and silky. Day to day, I use the matching Herbal Essences conditioner and leave it on for at least five minutes in the shower in order to let it work its magic. Like many, I run out of conditioner like it's my job, which also provides another opportunity to test out some new products and it's totally fine to switch brands as well.

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     Another essential aspect of hair and hair growth is getting the occasional trim. When I used to have really long hair, I would get them about every month or two as my ends became a little excessive. After taking the chop during the winter, hair maintenance became a lot easier, with trims being less frequent. Cutting off about five inches made my hair all the more healthy and more manageable, as well as easier to grow out. Say no to ponytail hair headaches! At the end of summer, I will probably take another short cut prior to school, although I will not be needing one very soon. Also, I don't have any layers at the moment and have found myself not to be a fan of layers after a botched hair job a few years ago (cringe worthy, I tell you). 

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    In my routine, the post shower process is most unique, which I think holds true to every individual. If you knew me in real life, you would know I have an overflowing bucket of leave in conditioners from throughout the years. After years of experimenting with products, I think I've found some of my favorites, although I should probably also change up this aspect of my routine. After I take a shower, I always take a wide tooth comb and gently comb throughout my hair. Depending on the day, I will either take my It's a Ten miracle leave-in product (it's actually really great), or my Macadamia oil, found at CVS. The Macadamia oil, which is a dupe for the higher end version, is quite heavy and smells really good I might add, but makes your hair very luscious. I wouldn't recommend you use it too often, or your hair might end up a bit greasy. Although, when I do use it, I towel dry my hair until it is slight damp and finger comb it throughout my hair from the ears down. I have found this lets the product soak in better instead of seeping into my towel from my soaking wet hair. With the It's a Ten, I just comb it into my hair before throwing it up into my turban towel contraption on my head and it does the trick. If my hair is looking a little flat and lackluster once dry, I will take a teeny tiny drop of my S Factor Dream Drops, which adds instant shine and smells like strawberries. I'm all about the scents, as you can tell. 

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I hope you found this post informative and helpful! If you have any other post requests, I would be delighted to do them. I wasn't feeling very well this whole weekend, but am starting to feel a bit better so hopefully posting will be a bit more frequent. My blogging anniversary is fast approaching, which is quite exciting! Look out for that post coming up, with a big announcement included! xoxo Isabelle 



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Wearing:// Top: Topshop (On sale!), Jeans: Citizens of Humanity, Jacket: AEO (Similar here), Necklace: Urban Outfitters (Similar here), Shoes: Doc Marten, Lips: 'Rebel' by MAC

I recently received a question on Tumblr inquiring about what I would wear to a The Neighbourhood concert. Naturally, it took me a solid 30 minutes because the only concerts I've ever been to include Justin Bieber, Hannah Montana, and One Direction (honestly, #southjerseyproblems is so applicable here). Anyway, after sorting through my entire closet, I finally answered, describing an outfit that looks just about like this one. Though, I did suggest a white pocket v-neck tee, but really any basic tee could suffice. While summer is typically very hot where I live, these past few bizarre storms have made shorts + torrential rain an uncomfortable combination, so day to night outfits like this are essential. Also, I just have to mention that these jeans are also a new fave of mine (in addition to my Madewell pair, I think I say this about everything though..), not only because of these fabric and distressing, but also the major sale they were on (only in store for these jeans though)! I was in NYC for the day recently, and hit up the Aritizia sale the second I arrived. Whether you live near an Artizia store or have to settle for online scrolling, I suggest you at least take a looksie. 

After the excitement of traveling and always being on the go, it feels nice to just be at home right now. I've been making some interesting smoothies via the Smoothies app, playing tennis to the point of back pain, and binge watching the new show Finding Carter on MTV (how awesome is it?!). So really, not much has been happening which I sorta kinda like. How have you guys been doing? If you ever wanna chat or have any questions, feel free to message me on Tumblr or email me! I love hearing from readers.   Have a splendid weekend!  xoxo


Prague Photo Diary

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1. Sunny facade of buildings near our hotel on our first day, 2. As the hour changes, a boy looks at the moving elements on the clock near the square, 3.  Český Krumlov views, 4. The changing of the guards, 5. Gothic elements inside one of the churches, 6. Mystic Skate Park adventures, 7. The Charles Bridge at night, 8. Lively kids hiking near a castle with us, 9. Beauteous architecture at dusk, 10. Old Town Square singers packing up, 11. Placed our poster near the castle for passing eyes (my pic is bottom left), 12. A couple peers into a puppet shop, 13. The gals on a sunset cruise (Julia, Katie, Georgia, and Me)

After spending a little less than two weeks tied by the hip to my camera, I've finally returned home for summer. Going from taking pictures whenever I felt like it in Greece to a trip to Prague centered around photography, I definitely take pride in saying I took 2,500+ pictures. Normally, I include more scenic pictures in my photo diaries in order to create a sense of place, though these pictures were more about adding personality with people included. Beside the obvious photography skills, over the 12ish days spent in the Czech Republic I learned that a) chocolate granola + yogurt is bomb, b) the werewolf man does in fact wear the same yellow tracksuit regularly, and c) British boys will *always* take your fliers (just so you know). I hope you enjoyed getting a little peek into my trip and look out for a new post very soon! I have an exciting announcement coming! Have a nice week everyone! xo



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Wearing:// Dress: Madewell, Shoes: Steve Madden (similar here and here), Necklace: BP (similar here), Bag: Louis Vuitton 

     I'm not quite sure if I feel this look is 'undercover' in a way because I watched bits and pieces of 'Veronica Mars' on the way home or that this look was shot in a sketchy side street, but either way I'm feeling it. While it's not really in my nature to wear ballet flats and a classier dress for full-fledged graffiti locations, photo galleries call for a certain type of attire. As I've mentioned briefly, I was just on a National Geographic student photo workshop in Prague, and these photos were shot the night of our gallery showing by my talented photo friend Alex Fisher. Located at the Meet Gallery in Praha 5, the night had a certain urban feel to it, with mood lighting and a quirky back alleyway, as well as other intriguing exhibits. Despite only garnering about 20+ people (we marketed just the day before), the night not only proved to be a success for all of us as photography students, but also as travelers and our perspectives on photography. In anticipation of lots of moving 'round, I chose a simple Madewell shift dress, with some practical front pockets for whatever need be. While the dress detailing is quite beautiful, pairing a simple gold necklace brought some more personality to my outfit. 

I'm just realizing now that I just wrote quite a lot, despite being especially tired. The jet lag recovery process begins again! I am hoping it goes more smoothly this time, seeing as I have quite a few busy days approaching, including driving lessons (can you sense the excitement?) Well, I'm off to catch up on some sleep! Have a lovely weekend everyone. xoxo 



lookbook tigerlilly

Wearing:// Dress: Free People, Shoes: Steve Madden, Earrings: Mykonos

And finally, the last Santorini post is up! Of all my Grecian outfits, I'd say this is one of my favorites, mostly because of my FP dress. I've sorta always had a desire for a Free People dress, entranced by the effortless beauty of the lace and beading. However, I never really found one that I could imagine my short frame in. A maxi dress doesn't exactly flow right, ya know? On one of my many late night online browsing sessions, I came across this sneaky front tie dress, with pockets and a tropical pattern included. In trying not to overpower the dress with a statement necklace, I chose a coral teardrop pair of earrings that adds a little something to bold outfits. And of coooourse, my fave summer sandals to keep it neutral. 

While most people spent their fourth of July watching fireworks along the beach, I happened to be photographing sparklers! I am about five days into my Prague photography trip, which is jam packed with photo shooting and editing/critiques. Despite being a ball of fatigue, I am so excited to up my blogging game with my newly acquired skills, big or small. I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday and are having a wonderful summer! I'll talk to you guys soon! xoxo 


Summer Things


While I am guilty with holding onto certain items in my wardrobe(things I'd probably never wear but still keep), there is always the flip side that comes with spring cleaning- replacing the "gaping hole" in your closet, which is really only a few pieces. After a recent closet clean-out proceeded by a "shop Isabelle's closet" sesh with my friends, I took a trip to Topshop, Made-well, and Urban Outfitters. Usually all dangerous places for my wallet, I actually didn't do too too much damage…this time. I just picked up a few random things, which I suppose will be a regular thing to prevent total destruction. 

Clockwise from the bottom; 

First, I picked up a flouncy white crop top from Topshop, which is a nice switch from the array of American Apparel style versions I have. Despite having a casual cotton appearance, I imagine this top going quite well with bold midi skirts and nude pumps, finished off with a sophisticated hair style of sorts and the usual red lips. If you do plan on purchasing this top, I'd suggest you size up a bunch, as Topshop is a wildcard in that regard. For reference, I purchased a US 6/UK 10. 

I know I just mentioned straying away from the American Apparel style crop tops, but this one is black + sheer, so I think it is justifiable. Beside being pretty stretchy, I think this take on the conventional crop top blends winter a winter color with a summer concept (sheer things), which is pretty unique. They also have a bunch of colors if black isn't your thing. 

Next, I picked up a small leather bound notebook from Urban Outfitters. I sometimes wish I were a journal writer, but I can't quite commit to writing everyday. Although, I do plan on bringing this baby to Prague in order to take photography notes and maybe jot down things about landmarks and what I like about them for future reference. I've also been in the market for some dainty gold earrings, and this Made-well hardware screw type pair does the job. Although they aren't the best to sleep with on, they do serve their purpose when out and about. 

Featured in my last post, my new pair of high waisted jeans are quite the hit. I usually have trouble finding jeans that don't a) bag out, b) end up faded at the knees, or c) fit huge at the waist. After countless hours spent scouring the racks of Nordstrom and Bloomingdales, I have finally found the perfect jean! Not saying they will move mountains, but they come pretty close (close enough that I bought them in black as well). 

The last two things I picked up are both sorta random to include in a haul type post, but I thought "hey, why not?" Even though polaroid film is the price of a down payment on a house, I caved…especially with this rainbow pack. How could I pass up rainbow instant-film?! Lastly, I picked up Gillian Flynn's "Gone Girl" as suggested by insistent mom and sister. Apparently I will be very annoyed by the ending/confused that it is over, which is always frustrating yet riveting. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and are doing well! I'm probably prancing around with my camera somewhere in Prague. I'll be back with a new post very soon! xoxo 


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