July 4th Outfit Ideas | All American

    While I haven't been home for July 4th these past couple years, I still like to participate in the patriotism wherever I am (usually Europe). Anyway, these two outfits really cover all of the graphic print options when it comes to this holiday- on top or on bottom. I hope this post helps you take your graphic print pick and assists you in your styling endeavors! Enjoy. xo


Wearing:// Top: Wildfox Couture, Jeans: Made-well (These are awesome!), Shoes: Converse, Sunnies: Wildfox Couture, Bralette: VS Pink

This first outfit is definitely my preferred choice, mostly because I'm not a huge shorts fan. Around this time of the month, there is a plethora of patriotic pieces available at just about any store, from the gaudy sequin infused to the rather simple faded flag. Whatever your choice may be, there are in fact other options than those white shorts you wear every.single.day during the summer (guilty). On a recent shopping adventure, I discovered these uber comfortable high-waisted jeans from Made-well. In addition to having a stretchy feel, the length can easily carry you into the nighttime for chilly beach fireworks. While most of the fashion conscious will lean towards white flat-forms or combat boots, the practicality just isn't there- so converse are acceptable in this case. For a flirty touch, a lace bralette underneath a slight-muscle tee like mine adds a hint of personality, as well as my quirky USA shaped necklace. 


Wearing:// Top: Made-well (On sale), Shorts: LF Boutique (old), Shoes: Vans, Sunnies: Wildfox, Necklace: Nordstrom BP (similar here)

As mentioned time and time again, I've never been a shorts person just b/c they're not very comfortable, however this pair was just too cute to pass up. While the easiest and most expected pairing option is a white v-neck or crop top, a top with more intricate detailing really stands out. I broke out a white button down with a eye-let detailing throughout the fabric, which also makes for a breezier feel- an always welcome added bonus. A statement gold necklace also makes this outfit less boring, while still leaving the focus to the printed shorts. Preferably  I would've worn a pair of red Vans or Keds, however I only had a sky blue option, which isn't too too terrible. If you are without red shoe options like me, strive for some red lips + nails. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! I leave Monday morning for Prague, so I'm not quite sure how much I'll be posting between all of the photography and the jam-packed itinerary. Although, I am planning to schedule some posts, so that's always good. :D Nervous yet excited, but I'm glad I'll be getting some pretty awesome pictures (trip is with National Geographic for photography). Talk soon! x 


Adventures in Greece | Photo Diary


1. The Parthenon in Athens, 2. Unreal hotel room view in Mykonos, 3. Mykonos architectural beauty, 4. Some of the many gorgeous flowers and colored doors, 5. Delicious lunch at Nammos on Psarou beach, 6. The oh-so famous windmills at sunset, 7. Sisterly love by the sea, 8. A bookstore with rent a cat?! Yes!, 8. Santorini struttin', 9. Sun-dried tomatoes = bliss, 10. Tourist-y pic in front of the three blue domes, 11. Black sand beach (very very hot), 12. Steep stairs and shin splints don't go together, 13. Infinity poolside in Santorini, 14. Scariest moment ever (thankfully he made it back on to the platform)

      If you couldn't tell by my latest Instagram posts or picturesque outfit post settings, I recently ventured out to Greece, tackling Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini with my mom and sister. While I mentioned procrastinating this photo diary in my previous post, my mom so kindly pointed out that yes, I will be heading on another adventure next week! So before I go to Prague for nearly two weeks, I should probably catch up on my Greece posts. In the meantime, I will most likely continue my One Tree Hill viewing (Chad Michael Murray, hellooo!), pack piece by piece to avoid approaching distress, and attempt some driving since I passed the written test yesterday. We'll see how the actual driving plays out…..oh boy. Pray for my mom. I hope you guys are doing well and look forward to just one more Greece outfit post from Santorini! xo

*These are in chronological order btw*


Wearing:// Top: Free People (old, similar here), Shorts: Urban Outfitters (run large), Shoes: Steve Madden (old, similar here and here) , Necklace: Free People, Bracelets: Nordstrom and Mykonos, Ring: Mykonos

A true Vanessa Hudgens style super fan and California boho-wanna be, I have a certain love for beads, lace, the recent coin trend, and basically all things Free People. While a definite dream, the idea of prancing around festival grounds the likes of Coachella or Bonaroo in a full on get-up with music blaring is quite ideal. Despite this specific dream not coming true, I was able to strut 'round Oia donning my coin necklace and lace shorts, exploring the many many side streets. After shooting + receiving a few stares from curious onlookers and taking an uncalled for picture with a fellow tourist, we just about collapsed in our hotel after a six hour photography tour beneath the beating sun. Speaking of photography, the photo diary is a comin'! I took around 2,000+ photos, so that will be quite a task. 

While I've been procrastinating that photo diary and practice permit tests (Monday is the day!), I've been quite bored this summer. I've turned to reading 'If I Stay', epicly failing at Pop Pilates, and catching up on blog reading. If this isn't a cry for post/video requests, then I don't know what is. Leave me a comment of something you're hoping to see here on the blog and I would love to do it for you! Hope you enjoyed this post. xx


My Stack | Bracelets 101


         When it comes to fashion, I think one of the most exciting things is the ability to layer- layer items that were sold together or separates that send you experimenting. However, there's always the unavoidable mess up that you end up regretting within hours (aka you look like the mess above). To avoid such circumstances, I present to you; 'My Stack | Bracelets 101'. Not only can this guide prove helpful for myself in future distress, but for any of you in a pickle of sorts. Hope you enjoy it! What's your favorite arm candy piece? Tag me on Instagram (@lostbutnotfoundblog) to show me! xoxo

Casual + Watch: As of my birthday, I have become a consistent watch wearer. Originally not too keen on the extra jewelry, I've come quite a long way. While a watch can be very helpful, it dresses outfits up quite a bit- to keep time on my side but attend low key events, I like to go for natural bead bracelets, or a fun braided one with a pop of color. Choosing items without such a focus on metals (gold, silver, etc.) can make summer barbecues or hangs by the pool oh so fashionable yet casual. Just make sure not to get too wild with the jewelry, especially if you're rocking those tie-dye shorts you just bought. Here are some fun bracelet sets for summer: here and here. Also, just in general, if you are in the market for a new watch Michael Kors has a wide variety with plenty of different styles. 

Fancy + Watch: When it comes to fancier occasions, delicate jewelry is your best friend. In order to keep things not so bland, I usually pair my love bracelet with combinations of silver, gold, or rose gold. Just keep it simple with the diamonds and such- gaudy is not cute. The rather small bracelet build makes sure not to overwhelm your outfit or other statement accessories like your watch, which is all you really need. Mine is semi-ancient and from Stella + Dot, but here are some of my current faves from them: (here, here , and here). 

Professional yet Low Key + Gold Bracelet: Similar in nature to the previous situation, this case calls for simplistic items. While in the previous picture glitz wasn't too much of a worry, office or interview settings may call for more toned down metals and bling. Opting for a two toned bracelet like this Vita Fede one, you are able to explore the wonderful world of delicate rings and statement necklaces, while you were otherwise less able to. If you're not so into the bracelet, you could also try out their ring version (guilty and proud), which could allow for more arm candy. Whatever floats your boat! 

Flat-out Casual: I think we've all been there- you're running out the door, simultaneously slipping on your shoes while applying mascara and rummaging around for your car keys. The last thing on your mind? Jewelry. Alas, I'd like to show you what I call the "all-in-one" no brainer bracelet; the majestic bejeweled bangle. For easy styling and out the door situations, neutral bracelets (plain ole' gold with neutral bands) are of the utmost convenience for fashion fiends. You can find these bracelets just about anywhere, but here are a couple of my finds: here and here. Another suitable option is a snap closure bracelet with a basic palette and a little bling. This bracelet featured I received ℅ Compassion Brands, which supports the Anti-Bullying cause with each purchase of jewelry or clothing. If you have any interest in this lovely bracelet, I would encourage you to check out their website! It is definitely worthwhile and supports something we all can relate to. 

Day to Day: Last but not least is my day to day wear! After years of experimenting and making some hideous combinations, I've decided I'm a subtle metal mixer. If you watched my Spring Favorites video, you would've seen my feature on my Alex + Ani bracelet, which I find myself wearing on the regular. In addition to that bangle and my love bracelet, I've also been wearing my Coordinates Collection bracelet as well. A birthday present from my sister, this bracelet can be made with the coordinates of a specific location, like your house or a favorite vacation spot. If you're looking for a sentimental gift for a friend or family member, this is a wonderful way to show some love (they also have necklaces and bracelets!)

 Simplicity is really the best advice when it comes to jewelry; a long-standing rule of thumb is to remove one accessory before leaving the house. Sounds like a good plan! I hope this post wasn't too rambly and was somewhat helpful. Have an awesome week! 




Slipping on this tent-like yet still feminine summer dress, the excitement that comes with any new purchase came over me. Shimmying over to the mirror, I was un-pleasantly surprised to feast my eyes upon my uniquely shaped chest sunburn. Now that I think of it, I suppose that shape is from applying sunscreen. Of course, this could only be #isabelleprobs. Thankfully, nearly three days later, the burn faded a bit, but nonetheless I wore a thick layer of sunscreen the days following. Sunburn aside, I think this outfit is almost the epitome of summer and the plethora of colors this season brings. With most dressier summer dresses, I find it typically fitting to add some height with footwear. While I'm not usually apt to choose heels or anything slightly difficult to walk in, these clog-like heels prove to be an exception. Playing up my gold earrings while still being a neutral accessory (adding height and comfort too!), these Topshop babies are going to be a summer favorite. 

After enduring a ten hour flight and losing seven hours time wise, the jet lag hit me yesterday like a tidal wave. As I watched the ever so thrilling season premiere of Pretty Little Liars (with the lights on, of course), that annoying wave of fatigue came over me and I felt myself drifting away at 7 p.m. So naturally I had a mango fruit bar, and the world became my oyster yet again. I'd say I am fully back on EST and ready for action. Action being tackling the roughly five posts I have in 'production' and catching up on The Bachelorette. Looking forward to a relaxing yet productive weekend! Hope you enjoy it. xx

Wearing:// Dress: Kate Moss for Topshop (size down!), Shoes: Topshop, Earrings: F21 (similar here)




    Overlooking the rocky beaches and the Aegean Sea, Mykonos was nothing short of serene. With a short shuttle or reckless taxi adventure, the nightlife filled town was at our fingertips for shopping and eating Greek cuisine in bulk. Keeping the Grecian vibe we all know and love, airy fabrics and comfortable styles were and still are my best friend. A casual yet dressy alternative to your average flip-flop, these brown leather sandals have been a clear go to (aka wearing them everyday). 

If you haven't already read my previous post (and if you haven't you best be checking it out!), then this update wouldn't mean much to you, but I finally finished 'Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children'! Apparently there is a sequel which only makes sense as the ending sort of trails off. Sorry to keep this short, but the Santorini sunset awaits! x 

Wearing:// Romper: Urban Outfitters (Not online, similar here and here) , Cardigan: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Steve Madden


Poolside Essentials


Our time in Mykonos has been spent as expected- lounging by the pool, soaking up the beating sun ,and exploring the culture filled town with its array of shops. 

With just about any trip or occasional time spent away from Netflix and smoothie sippin', a bag is usually need be packed. In true Isabelle fashion, I am a terrible packer, usually forgetting essential items and literally throwing things into my bag. I'm lazy, alright? Albeit this discrepancy, I've complied some of my pool/beach essentials as of the fourth day in Mykonos. Let me know what you deem imperative in your beach bag in the comments! I hope you all are surviving winter or basking in the summer sun wherever you may be! xo

Good Reads: Before you think to yourself, "Ummm, what is that book!?" I will interject, "Only the best book ever!" All jokes aside, "Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children" is your new summer read. A stereotypical girl, I usually gravitate towards books of Looking For Alaska or The Fault in Our Stars nature, though this book is an exception. An eerie story accompanied by chilling pictures, this book can get a little strange but it's the type of book where things 'start coming together' and you're quite stupefied. I'm almost finished after about two days reading this rather bulky book and am en route to ordering the sequel! Yay for reading! 

More recognizable in appearance  I also have been tucking the latest Nylon and Teen Vogue into my Triangl drawstring bag for when I want to slow down on reading my book. Never really a Nylon reader, I grabbed it in CVS because I love Hailee Steinfeld, and I'm glad I did. Featuring larger than life editorials, Nylon provides a fashion interpretation in a fresh and new way. In addition to Nylon, I naturally picked up the latest Bridgette Bardot inspired Teen Vogue, featuring Elle Fanning. Can you say girl crush? From the Ansel Elgort mini interview to Elle's wanderlust spread, this issue is my favorite as of late. 

Miscellaneous: Not usually one to go along with the trends, I never thought I'd actually join the polaroid bandwagon. But after hours of investigation and debate, I finally caved and now find my self smitten..with a camera, haha. While my polaroid taking skills are quite rough around the edges, often over exposing pictures (film photography class clearly hasn't paid off), I still find the concept fun in itself. 

As mentioned a few paragraphs prior, I am not much of a packer, but have found it necessary to pack a few casual bracelets for those unexpected times when my mom whips out her camera. I stroke luck in town yesterday with finding my evil eye bracelet, which adds a touch of whimsy and color to just about any outfit. 

If you asked my mom or any of my friends, they could confirm that yes, I do in fact have a jort (jean short) hoarding problem. I think any shopaholic can agree that the styles and rises make a difference! Of my surplus of shorts, these J Brand shorts top the list. With a nice stretch and not too high or low rise to them, I find my self and my sister wearing them on the daily. 

P.S. Sorry for being such a bad blogger! The wifi is absolutely dreadful here and the beach was calling my name. Hoping for better internet in Santorni! Hope you enjoyed this post and please ignore the weird transparency issue in the book picture, Photoshop is not my friend. xx


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