Shady Lady


  Somehow amid the sweltering heat and hours spent burying my nose in Insurgent (umm... the ending!?), I managed to shoot some outfit photos here in Belize. I'd say what tore me from the comfortable couch in our room and the impeccable view is my uncanny love for this outfit. By the time I finished pulling the pieces together, I realized it sorta had some festival vibes going on, which I quite like. #coachelladreaming anyone? I mean, what could be any better than laced heels, vintage floral shorts, a floppy hat, and a scalloped crop top? Not much.

After spending nearly all of yesterday in the sun and starting today off with a rigorous hike to a waterfall, I think the idea of doing nothing is almost appealing. To my unfortunate luck, the stirrups on my horse yesterday were a wee bit short and now I have a nice limp on my left leg, as well as a collection of bug bites. However, after a zip line trip tomorrow morning, we will begin our trek to the beach portion of this trip, which is extremely gratifying. Hoping you are having a smoother start to your week! xo

Wearing:// Top: Urban Outfitters, Shorts: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Lulu*s, Hat: Topshop

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  1. Great Post, especially the top!

    Liz, xo

  2. cute look!