Seeing Red


Taylor Swift's album Red which I am obsessed with! I especially love the songs Red and Treacherous. 

       Lately, the color red has been quite popular. Not only have red lips for the season been worn often, but clothing as well. Red dresses are common on the red carpet for more of a statement look. On top of clothing and beauty, red has been often incorporated into accessories for celebrities and everyday people. The color red symbolizes strength and boldness, and finding a way to put it into your outfit in a subtle way serves as a pop of color. Something funny I also noted was the recent release of Taylor Swift's album "Red", which is mostly about confidence and happiness. Another quirky thing I realized was how much I hated red until recently. It reminded me of blood, which isn't a pleasant thing to think about. The recent blowout of red makes me have a new view on this frequently worn color, which is always a good thing. So.......
How do you feel about red?

P.S. Sorry for the lack of outfit posts! We have had quite a few crazy weeks at school, like spirit week, and now exam week. Once I go home on the 16th (Yay!), more outfit posts will be coming your way! Thanks for reading!

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