Radiantly Gradient

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What you'll need

1. Base and Top Coat

2. Any three colors

3. White Nail Polish

4. Sponge

5. Nail Polish remover and q-tips

6. Material to work on (Ex: My Hawaiian sheet)

Begin by applying a base coat to all of your nails

Next, apply two coats of white nail polish

Cut your sponge to the shape of your nail

Paint your three colors on your sponge in a horizontal manner

Before this step, make sure your white coat is completely dry. Slowly and lightly press your sponge onto your nail. Dab the colors on from side to side (like pictured) to get the most opaque results.

Grab your q-tips and nail-polish remover and remove what isn't wanted on your skin

Finish off the look with a top coat

You're finished! Enjoy your nails!

If you try these nails out, please post a picture to my Facebook page! 

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