Prep Girl Chic

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  Prep Girl Chic
Click for a better look ^^

            As most of you know, I am currently at boarding school, a place which limits my fashion abilities with a dress code. However, I make the best of the situation by channeling my inner prepster or Spencer on Pretty Little Liars. Anyway, this is an example of an outfit I would wear during the academic day; collared-button down, a skirt, a blazer, and some Tory Burch flats (which every has). The background is a bow because of the trend seen here at school. I have seen all colors worn in all types of places on the head.  I have yet to debut one of my bows, but hopefully I will soon. Click here to see what items are pictures. Look out for future school outfit posts! 


     Sorry this is such a short post, I have to go finish a truck load of homework. Have a great day and happy holidays to those of you celebrating Yom Kippur! 

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