Crochet and Gold

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Crochet and Gold

Top: American Eagle, Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Blazer: Topshop

Bracelet: BCBG Generation

   Earrings: Heart: Gift from Parents, Flowers: Hawaii 

Gold Bangle Bracelet: Stella and Dot

Flats: Michael Kors

        Today's outfit is the first of many school outfit of the days. Sorry for looking like such a zombie, these pictures were taken around 7:30 in the morning. Anyway, this outfit incorporates everything girly: gold, crochet, and flowers. The blazer combines structure and "matching" qualities with flowers within the blouse and the skirt is basically a work of art in itself. My flower earrings add a touch of sophistication, while the hearts add a whimsical touch.     This is the type of outfit I wear to school when I am somewhat channeling my inner prep-ster or when I want to look especially presentable. 

Today we are having a head-master's holiday, where we don't have school whatsoever! It is something totally unexpected, plus we have one per term, which is exciting! Anyway, I plan on going to Target to get decorations for my room, and of course, food. 

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1 comment

  1. Hey Isabelle :) I'm Paola - I don't know how I got in here, but I really love your blog :)
    I love this outfit, you dress exactly as I would! Let me suggest something! I think you should make a liiiiittle bit shorter that skirt.

    Greetings :)