Friday 5

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Friday Five

   Lately I have found my self gravitating towards specific things, whether it is a movie,food, or clothing item. Instead of using a myriad of things, I have been biased toward certain items. Keep reading for 5 of the things I own which serve as a favorite for me.

Moroccan Argan Oil (hair product)

My Keep Calm and Go Shopping Poster in my dorm

Converse High Tops

Sweet Pea Room Spray (Bath and Body Works)

Chex Mix Muddy Buddies (Cookies and Cream and Peanut Butter)

What are your five favorite things? Leave me a comment below about your Friday Five! 

Writing this 9/3:

       So school starts tomorrow, which I am really nervous about. Not necessarily the social aspect, but more the academics. My school will be really tough, but I guess I will learn to adjust. We also find out about varsity tennis tomorrow, which has got my stomach in a knot. Wish me luck in making varsity! Anyway, how is school going for you?

P.S. Would you like pictures of my dorm room by chance?

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