10 Fall Essentials

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10 Fall Essentials

-Click picture for a better look-

My Essentials

1. Coral Red Lips
2. Camel Riding Boots
3. Dark Wash Skinny Jeans
4. Taupe Nail Polish
5. Bold Colored Cropped Blazer
6. Fun Infinity Scarf
7. Pearl Bracelets
8. Hair Bows (American Apparel in the picture)
9. Studded Bag
10. Intricate/Interesting Boots/Sneakers

Hope you enjoyed this post! These are just a few items I have definitely gathered for my fall wardrobe/outfit collection. Click here or on the picture to find all of the items shown. Leave in the comments your must have fall item! Have a wonderful day. :)

          Oh! How could I forget an update about school!? Anyway, tomorrow (Writing this on 8/30) marks the last day of pre-season athletics. We have a 3 hour practice, which will not be very fun. Hopefully I can stick it out, keeping in mind that it is my last practice. Sunday all of the new students come, which will be exciting. I can help my roommate move in, considering I already did today. In my opinion, my room looks pretty great for having looked bland when I got there. The 'Keep Calm and Go Shopping' poster is my favorite part (surprise surprise). How was your day?

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