Style Story: Kylie Jenner

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    Today's post is all about Kylie Jenner. I am in love with her style and just had to do a post on it. Watch-out for a future get the look on her and a post about Kendall, her sister. Enjoy!


Kylie loves combat boots.
The ones she is pictured wearing throughout the entire group of photos are from Steve Madden

They match basically everything, and look especially great with high-waisted shorts and skirts. 

Kylie's Beauty Routine

Liquid Eyeliner

Kylie loves to wear liquid eyeliner, especially winged eyeliner.
Click here for the eyeliner she uses


When she actually does her own makeup, she gravitates towards this foundation.
Click here for her go to foundation.


Kylie likes neutral shades, especially Creme Cup from Mac, which is also a favorite of her sister Kim's. 
Click here to check out this cult favorite lipstick

Her piercings

             I think Kylie's piercings are so edgy and interesting. In a way, my own ear piercings are inspired by hers. Here are some pictures of her piercings.

Forward helix


Thanks for reading! Have a fab day!

Pictures via Google


New York Fashion Week: Designer Fashion

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       Like most fashion weeks, this year was jam packed with exquisite designs, specifically for Spring 2013. However, today's post is going to be looking at the people behind the designs,  the designers. Tell me in the comments who you think measured up to their own designs!

Charlotte Ronson

Tommy Hilfiger

Jill Stuart

Alexander Wang

Victoria Beckham 


Stacey Bendet (Alice + Olivia)

Marc Jacobs

Michael Kors 

Rachel Zoe

Ralph Lauren

Cynthia Rowley

                Overall, I think I like Rachel Zoe's outfit best. It doesn't take away from her designs, plus it is very much her style. *Applaud for her* Like I said, comment what your favorite outfit was or wasn't!

P.S. Wondering why I pre-make blog posts? Let's just say school is taking over my life...........

Bow Down to the Hair Bows

     Bow Down to the Hair Bows

       So lately, hair bows have been a huge trend. Not only have celebrities and models on the runway been sporting bows, but also regular people. I have even seen people at my boarding school wearing hair bows. They spice up your outfit and can even serve as an accessory. Keep reading for some examples of hair bows, how to wear them, as well as where to get them.

Examples of Hair Bows





Hair Bows in Action

Ways to wear hair bows:

1. Side of your head 

2. Beneath your bun

3. Above a ponytail

4. On the part where your hair meets when it is half up

Where to buy hair bows:

1. American Apparel  *Best place*

2. Asos

Idea I found online, I have to try this some time!

Thanks for reading! :]

So, what do you think of hair bows? Will you be sporting them any time soon? Leave a comment below!

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