What I am up to: 8/26/12

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         What I am up to: 8/26/12

    So, as most of you know, I am not exactly at home. I have mentioned several times about a blog post regarding where I am/what I am doing coming up, and the post has finally come. Keep reading for an "in-depth" explanation about my situation.

          Last summer I was introduced to the option of boarding school. One of my neighbors had gone there for high school, so I decided to take a look into my options. Around August, I had decided I wanted to at least try getting in to boarding school.  I had people questioning my decision a lot, but I pushed those statements to the back of my mind. I got myself into several grueling hours of filling out applications and writing essays as well. By March, I couldn't wait any more for the results. Thankfully, March 10th marked the results day for basically every boarding school in existence. I screamed ,"Yippeeeeee!" at the sight of "Congratulations!" I had gotten into the school I had hoped for. From that day on, I prepared to go away for school. My mom begun collecting things for my dorm room around June; school hadn't even ended. Mid July, I was sent a form to choose my fall sport. I decided on something I had done for a long time-tennis.

Over the summer, I received numerous e-mails regarding tennis, whether it was about apparel,experience,or other random topics. At the end of July, I was informed  that based on my experience, I would be invited to try out for Varsity/attend pre-season. Since August 23rd, I have had two hour practices twice a day. I guess I can't complain since the water polo team practices four times a day. Anyway, I have begun my start at my new school and I can't wait to immerse myself in what the school has to offer.

P.S. We are having a pizza party which I am pumped for

Leave in the comments what your school situation is for this year :)

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