Style Story: Vanessa Hudgens

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At Coachella

Running errands; love the fringe booties and the tribal dress

Out shopping; adorable maxi skirt

At Coachella; edgy tights are a must for Vanessa

Visiting her mom; I enjoy the shrug/scarf thing she has going on as an extra layer

          Above are just a few of my favorite outfits Vanessa Hudgens has been seen wearing lately. Throughout all of the outfits, she has been able to incorporate her bohemian style persona no matter what the occasion. Believe it or not, she wore some of the outfits shown to visit her mom, go shopping, run errands, and go to a music festival. She really enjoys just throwing on a knit sweater or cardigan to add a laid-back feel or a source of warmth. A key item of Vanessa's wardrobe is her Chanel bag. It basically matches everything, plus it has enough room for her essentials, like her I-Phone and Rodial Glow balm.

Unsure of how to be as outgoing as Vanessa when it comes to fashion? Here is a quote of Vanessa's I try to live by:

"Confidence is key. Sometimes, you need to look like you're confident even when you're not."

             As I type this, everyone is "running a muck". People are building tables (strange, yes), running around, and sleeping (I am about to as well). This afternoon's practice marks the last practice of pre-season when we are all in the same dorm. Tomorrow my mom makes a trip up here to help move me in. I am excited to set up my room, but anxious for the trek to the tennis courts from my dorm. Tonight we have a pizza party scheduled, even though we had pizza for lunch and dinner a few nights ago. Anyway, how is your day going?

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