Outfit of the Day: ft. Allison

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      A few days ago, Allison and I hung out to satisfy our desire to see each other one last time before I left for school. We decided we wanted to do a blog post on our outfits for fun. I hope you enjoy our outfits!

Outfit of the Day: ft. Allison


Top: Local, Shorts: D1961
Loafers: Tory Burch

Bracelets: Brandy Melville, NYC Boutique 

         What I enjoy about my outfit is the preppiness. Instead of throwing on some flip-flops, I decided loafers would better suit my style. I brought out the pink in the blouse immensely simply by adding some hot pink big waisted shorts. I definitely have worn this  outfit a lot this summer.


Top: Forever 21, Shorts: Waterlily (Mine from Australia)

Combat Boots: Bass


           Allison's outfit combines edgy ad trendy. Combat boots give her the trendy vibe, while her shirt has some grunge to it. To lighten up the outfit, she put on some light  wash shorts, instead of the traditional dark wash look most people sport. Allison is very excited for her new combat boots and will probably be featured in another post about combat boots along with me.    

          As I write this blog post, I am sitting in my dorm room waiting for 30 minutes to pass before I have to get back on the tennis courts. As mentioned previously, a blog post will be coming up about what I am doing. However, let me mention now, blog posts will come on days I have a decent sized break. I will do my best, but no guarantees. Anyway, how are you all doing? I am absolutely pooped from yesterdays practice. Each day we have two hour practices twice a day. Therefore, I can justify eating cake next time I go home. Hope you all are have a great day! Go eat some cake.

Dream cake, haha

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