NYC (Camp) Day 5

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NYC (Camp) Day 5

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      Ah yes, finally day 5. Sorry for the delay of this post, I just wasn't sure if my blog was NYC overload. Anyway, we began the day with some more project work. Thankfully, I had worked on the project at the hotel, and was able to relax a bit. Once everyone had finished (what they could) of their project, we begun a run through of our runway show. My partner and I had decided on me being the model, so I practiced my "runway" walk. After an hour of strutting to Lady Gaga's 'Fashion, our stomachs began to churn as parents and fellow campers filed in our make shift runway seating area. I did my best to do some poses at the turning points, but in reality, I probably looked like a walking disaster (haha). Anyway, all in all, I think I had 10 times more fu this year than last year. I gained friends I text day to day, knowledge of the fashion world, and a few blisters from my Tory Burch flats. I recommend Fashion CampNYC to anyone interested!

         Today, I packed,packed,and did I mentioned I packed? I had to pack for pre-season (tennis) and tomorrow I pack for actual school. I am nervous/excited for school. I will most definitely miss my friends, but I know we will keep in touch. Tonight I watched a nerve-racking episode of Pretty Little Liars with my friend Allison.  We basically screamed the entire episode. Leave your opinion of the episode in the comments! Have a fine evening/day!

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