NYC (Camp) Day 1+2


         Hey everyone! Today's post (and tomorrow's) is going to be an inside look on what I did this week at Fashion Camp. If you were wondering what my mom and I did the first two days we were here on our own,we basically we shopped and ate. A store that I had to go to in So-ho was Brandy Melville, which has "hipster" esque things, more for a younger age group. They have multiple locations, so if you are lucky enough to have one, check it out! Anyway, we saw the Broadway play Once (a love story)  our first night, which was absolutely amazing. The actors were very in character and the script consisted of very funny lines. We made our way to the ever-so-crazy Times Square often, which is where I am in the picture below. Be sure to check out my upcoming NYC posts to see if you would be interested in checking out Fashion CampNYC.

NYC Day 1
Brandy Melville

Camp: Day 1
            So on day 1, we of course, had our orientation. The "head" of the camp is  Fran Della Badia, EVP of retail in North America for Coach, so she spoke to us about what was to come. She told us our project, which was to create a magazine. We would think of a name, a topic, an age group, and cut out a bunch of magazine pictures and put it all together. Following lunch, we went to Puma's head quarters, and had a tour of the show rooms. We were given a preview of Spring 2013, as well as the knowledge the National Sales manager Scott Saltzman had to share. By the time we returned to LIM, the college the camp is stationed out of, we had at least an hour to work on our projects. Day one was complete.

Shoe that glows when you take a picture with flash

Part of the Women's showroom

Part of the athletic showroom

Camp Day: 2

                      Day 2 was extremely exciting! This day was probably my favorite next to Day 3. Anyway, the first thing we did was go to the Schiaparelli and Prada (Impossible Conversations) exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. We were not allowed to take pictures, but I found one of the pictures below on Google. The exhibit had a continuous video of actors playing Schiaparelli and Prada having a conversation, which I found interesting. The exhibit was a lot shorter than the Alexander McQueen exhibit, which was a bummer. Once everyone had made their way out of the Museum, we went to the ever so famous Mood Fabrics, as seen on Project Runway. When there, we were allowed to get samples of fabrics to include in our magazines, which ended up being really helpful in jazzing up magazine. Later on, we had a visit to the Coach offices, where we had a presentation from the Trend and the Public Relations branches. Finally, we visited New York & Company. When I heard we were going there, I was sort of indifferent since I really have never shopped there and felt it was old. Once we left, I had a different out-look. They taught us about how much goes into each article of clothing, like  research on what will sell,design, technical design, marketing, and an abundance of other things. By the time we returned to LIM, it was time to leave, therefore we had no time to work on our magazines. Day 2 was complete.

Mood Fabrics


The Exhibit

Have a splendid day!
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  1. Mood fabrics is my favorite store in New York! :)

  2. I love it there! It was quite difficult to navigate through though. Thanks for your comment!