My Day (8/1/12)

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Glitter  Toes
Allison= Top
Me= Bottom
My dog Bentley being silly
       Today was quite an "all over the place" kind of day. First, I woke up with the birds chirping in my ears at the break of dawn in my world. Basically, I was up by 8:30 (yes, this is early, especially in the summer) to go play tennis and watch my brother frustrate himself in a tournament. After that my friend Allison and I ventured on over to our local salon to get pedicures. Being the girly girls we are, we got something called "glitter toes" where they literally put glitter on your toes; every girl's dream. Now my friends Melanie and Natalie are coming over to sleepover with Allison, for the last time before I go off to boarding school. We plan on shoving ice-cream down our throats, tearing up with chick-flicks, and chatting all night. Hope you all had or are having a splendid day!
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