Glam Rock Fall Look


        This fall, I will be channeling my inner "glam rock princess." Typically I wear more classic and sophisticated outfits, but for some reason, I have been more edgy-like lately.

 A huge color for fall is oxblood, which is why I chose this oxblood colored sweater. Instead of just adding plain black jeans, I decided on leather pants. Something I have noticed for fall is coated denim, like metallics. Instead of having to buy a pair of coated denim, I recommend going for leather pants, which have a similar appearance, while being more versatile. Although coated denim is quite trendy, leather pants will never go out of style. By adding combat boots, this grunge/hipster look is intensified and more edgy. Fold them over for a more laid-back look. If you don't  think combat boots are for you, wear simple black loafers to keep the focus on your sweater and accessories.  Studs are huge for an edgy look, which this mouth-watering bag posses, but in a subtle way. Bring some skulls and studs into your jewelry with a smokey eye and you are ready to rock on.

       In comparison to yesterday, I have done "zilch" today. Something I did do ,though, was recover photos on my camera. My dad had bought me a new lens for everyday use while I was in NYC, and had kindly put it on for me. However, when the screen read ,"Would you like  to format?" he selected "Yes". All of my pictures were gone. Frantic, I googled how to recover them because I had pictures for my blog and adorable pictures of my friends and me. After countless minutes of searching for a reliable program, I struck gold with "Photo Rescue". Despite the people on Wiki Answers saying it was impossible to undo formatting, I pushed through and was able to get every single picture back. Now, I am sitting writing this while my TV has no signal and my dog shivers at the weather.  How has your day been?

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  1. the valentino bag is one of my favs obviously

    ps. poor molly, little weather fearing dog

    1. Yes! It is to die for. She is currently cringing at the sound of airplanes flying for the air show where I live. Oh great..