New Year's Makeup

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With tomorrow's festivities ringing in the New Year, I thought I would do this last minute post on New Year's makeup for you all. Enjoy!

1. Long Wear Concealer: Long lasting concealer is essential for a long night out.  This concealer by YSL is a cult favorite and something I would recommend. 

2. Red Lips: You might need to adjust the color depending on your dress, but in general you should be rocking a bold lip color on this exciting evening. If needed, add a clear gloss, but try to choose a lipstick that already does that. 

3. Roll on Perfume: Generally roll on perfume is more convenient, long lasting, and easier to re-apply. Pink Sugar is a delectable scent with long lasting qualities.

4. Bold Nail-Polish: Being a nail polish junkie myself, I believe nail polish completes a look. Again, the color you decide on depends on your dress, but I think if I were to wear a silver dress, purple nails would be my choice.

5. Gold Eyeshadow: Instead of wearing your usual neutral everyday eyeshadow, move outside of your comfort zone with shimmery eyeshadow. Gold is a no-brainer for New Year's, and if you wanted to, you could also jazz up your eye-look with winged eyeliner. 

6. False Eyelashes: False eyelashes are completely optional, but for sure something to consider for occasions like this. You can wear full fledged ones like the ones above from Pop beauty, or subtle half-lashes. 

7. All in One Mascara: To finish off your New Year's makeup look, wear a doll lash like mascara, like  Lancome Hypnôse Doll Lashes. To see what this mascara can do for your eyelashes, look to celebrities like Kylie Jenner. 

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     If you read my latest post, you would know I ventured over to Mexico for Christmas break with my family. The vacation has been nothing but fun thus far, despite my new "lobster" look I have going on. This trip has consisted of the beach, eating waaaay too much every night, and of course some expected sibling feuds. Amongst all of this chaos, I managed to do an outfit post which is coming soon to a computer near you, so contain your excitement.

Although I am yearning to go home to resume my couch potato status and watch Project Runway, I am dreading the cold, which I guess I will get over. Anyway, enough about me, how have you been spending your break?





Products:// Top: Denim Habit,  Skirt:,  Necklace: Forever 21,  Boots: Dr. Marten

          Is it just me or is this outfit Kylie Jenner esque? I guess you could say I have been inspired by her lately. Anyway, this outfit is quite simplistic. Originally I had wore this without the necklace, but felt it needed a pop of color so I didn't look so drab. When deciding what shoes to tie the look together, I immediately gravitated towards my new Dr. Martens, which have been apart of my everyday attire lately. However, this week I am on a family vacay in Mexico (yay!) so I will be sporting flip flops often. What are your holiday break plans!?
P.S. If I don't have posts up in the next week, it is likely I am either a) having too much fun in Mexico or b) can't put pictures up on Blogger through my iPad, which I am struggling to type on now

Hope you enjoyed! Merry Christmas to you all! xo


What to pack: Beach Adventure


Miscellaneous Items: I would recommend throwing a good read into your bag just in case you get sick of listening to music on the book. I am going to Mexico for Christmas break, and I know "Burned" from the Pretty Little Liars series will be with me 24-7! In addition, to shield your eyes from the sun, don't forget to add some sunglasses! I have done this before, and let's just say it isn't fun- trust me. Most important of all, whether you like it or not, you need to bring sunscreen. Although you may enjoy not applying it during the trip, you especially won't like applying aloe vera to your sunburned skin afterward. 

2-3 Pairs of Shorts: Instead of trying to look like you just got off the runway, bringing a couple pairs of shorts to throw on are ideal. I personally would bring a couple pairs of basic jean shorts and a dressy pair for special dinners. 

Swim Essentials: The amount of swimsuits you bring depends on the length of your trip, but a basic one week vacation only requires about 2-3 swimsuits. In addition, you can't forget to pack a swimsuit coverup to throw on after splashing in the water. 

Several Tops: Typically on beach vacations you are more inclined to want to just throw on a top and go. I recommend bringing 4-5 (depending on vacation length) basic tanks/shirts and one long sleeve and cardigan for those unexpected chilly nights. 

Two Pairs of Flip-Flops: These two items are self-explanatory. When you are going to the beach, flip-flops will allow you to avoid that "sand in my shoes" feeling. Bringing fancier sandals like gladiators is optional, but definitely something to bring for going out to dinner. 

The Carry All: Well, you of course need something to carry everything in! I love this duffle from Juicy Couture because of how spacious it is. For my winter vacation, I will probably use this as my carry on for my computer and other frivolous things, but I could easily use it as a main bag for shorter trips. 

Obviously the items above aren't everything I am packing on my trip, but I just thought I would share my essentials with you. If you can think of anything I forgot, please leave it in the comments!


Broken Hearted

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So when I first purchased this leather jacket in Italy, I had no idea what to wear with it. I would pair it with countless combinations (literally), and have no luck creating a look. I recently discovered, which is where I found my scarf. The second I tore it out of its package, I knew it would go nicely with this jacket. And so, while I was home, I headed out with my new Canon T4i (got it for christmas!), and shot this outfit post before the rain started again after finally subsiding. As I look at these photos, I realize just how much I love this outfit and how effortless it is! What's your go to outfit? 

Products://  Dress: Joie,  Jacket: Sisley,  Scarf:,  Wedges: Urban Outfitters


Winter Playlist

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Bittersweet [Ellie Goulding]

Sweet [Carly Rae Jepsen]

Locked out of Heaven [Bruno Mars]

Video Games [Lana Del Rey]

Skyfall [Adele]

Take a Walk [Passion Pit]

Superhero [Landon Austin and Luke Conard

Mistletoe [Justin Bieber]

Hope you like these songs! Thanks for reading!

Picture from We Heart it 


Gift it: Girly

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Gift it: Girly

Although the title may imply that this is a post about gifts for a girly person, it is more than that. Not only can you get inspiration for gifting things for others, but also last minute gifts to put on your list (and to buy for your self)! Hope you enjoy!!

4. Miu Miu Pumps (Similar here)

5. Maybelline One by One Volume Express Mascara (Drugstores and here)


Beauty Loves

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Products from left to right

1. Benefit Pore-fessional: This product is somewhat my holy-grail product. It is a tan paste which you place on your forehead and eye area which instantly "erases" your over exposed pores. Not only is it a pore minimizer, but also a great primer in general for face makeup. 

2. Benefit's They're Real: This mascara is an instant eyelash lifter. I had seen people raving about it quite often, but figured it wasn't worth the hype. However, I recently purchased a set from Benefit, which included the traveled size; I am hooked. It isn't a mascara where no matter what you do, it will always look minimal or clumpy. The way you apply it is how it ends up looking, which gives the user more control which is quite convenient. 

3. Tarte Smooth Operator: In the winter months my skin tends to get very dry and flaky. Face makeup looks like it is falling off my face in flake form. To combat the dry winter months while still minting "flawless" skin I use this product. This tinted-moisturizer is very moisturizing and glides onto your skin very easily while still having great coverage. 

4. Revlon Lip Butter in Loli-pop: Instead of wearing lipstick or plain old chap-stick, I tend to wear a Revlon Lip Butter. They are a mix between lipstick and chap-stick, creating a wonderful blend of color and moisture. This color in particular is great for winter because it is not a typical summer pink shade and it is also not a vamp deep red. I like to call it my happy medium shade. Whether you like this shade or not, I would in general recommend trying out this product. Some of my other favorite shades include: Strawberry Shortcake, Candy Apple, and Raspberry Pie. 

Something you didn't get to see........

As I walked outside to take these photos, I slightly tripped and dropped an eyeshadow (not pictured), and it all fell out. Oh the things I go through to blog. 


Birds and Buttons

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Blazer: Elizabeth and James, Top: H&M, Pants: JCrew

Boots: Frye

      So, I have to say, being home has allowed me to uncover hidden "treasures", one of which is this blazer. I received this on my last birthday and sported it quite often in the time before summer. I am guessing I overlooked this gem in my collecting of clothing for school. I love the way this blazer can serve as a pop of color for any outfit. It amps up the overall mood of this bland black and white pairing. However, despite the simplicity of it, I am in love with the birds on my shirt, which add a girly touch.  To keep a simple and classic streamline look,I decided on basic black riding boots for shoes.

How would you style a bold blazer?


Radiantly Gradient

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What you'll need

1. Base and Top Coat

2. Any three colors

3. White Nail Polish

4. Sponge

5. Nail Polish remover and q-tips

6. Material to work on (Ex: My Hawaiian sheet)

Begin by applying a base coat to all of your nails

Next, apply two coats of white nail polish

Cut your sponge to the shape of your nail

Paint your three colors on your sponge in a horizontal manner

Before this step, make sure your white coat is completely dry. Slowly and lightly press your sponge onto your nail. Dab the colors on from side to side (like pictured) to get the most opaque results.

Grab your q-tips and nail-polish remover and remove what isn't wanted on your skin

Finish off the look with a top coat

You're finished! Enjoy your nails!

If you try these nails out, please post a picture to my Facebook page! 

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