Manhattan Beach

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       I think everyone can agree that, no matter the weather, a trip to the beach is and will aways be revitalizing. All it takes is a portable speaker, some good reads, sunset views, and genuine company/conversation to provide opportunity for reflection. If you're like me, you'll bring your camera and take tons of pictures, decide a Boomerang of the waves is a good idea, and have a wave crash up to your knees and leave you soaked. Ideally, that won't be your experience. Nevertheless, the painted sunset, which only improves with time, and your meaningful conversations will allow you to overlook your soaked state and anything else perturbing you. 

      Hi, yes, it's me, Isabelle. I am still alive! Although I probably won't be able to say the same in a week (hello, midterms), I am still alive and in California. As usual, I'm sorry for the sporadic posts during the school year. Who knew that school could be so time consuming? T-4 weeks until spring break, aka enjoying my pets' company and sitting on the beach. I hope you guys are surviving and thriving in the new semester. xoxo Isabelle 

LACMA, People's Choice Awards, & Jimmy Kimmel Live

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**First and final photos captured by Danielle Tuchman @dani.tuch**

      Since arriving in LA nearly a month ago, my life has consisted of running from class to class, experiencing unexpected flash rains/random moments of 80 degree weather, and frequently forgetting that I now live across the country. When those and many other ordeals haven't been occupying my time, I've made an intentional effort to explore LA as much as I can. This past week, that meant two trips to LACMA (once for pure enjoyment and once for an art history assignment), attending the People's Choice Awards with Megan of Tunes and Tunics, going to a Jimmy Kimmel Live taping, and ditching the UCLA game for various reasons for the Bigg Chill froyo. Even after under three weeks of being here, I've already come to appreciate the multitude of possibilities and opportunities literally at my doorstep by going to school here. 
      Somehow we're already at week four of classes and midterms are already looming over my head! Yay! You know you have a problem when you're still in the process of adjusting to a place and you're already being faced with mid semester tests...Pray for my sanity. I hope you guys are settling into second semester! xoxo Isabelle 

Santa Monica

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      I know, I know--one minute I'm in Utah skiing at Deer Valley and the next I'm back in New Jersey packing to go to California. And soon after I find myself writing this post from the Student Government office at USC as I prep for my next class on the second day of classes. Oh how time flies! I arrived in California just a week ago and since then, I have moved into my dorm, taken a little trip to Santa Monica, gone to two nerve-wracking basketball games, and attended my first classes at USC. I've already gotten my taste of the glory that is Southern Californian weather, nearly slapping myself when I almost said that I was hot when I was walking the Santa Monica pier just a few days ago. I'm not sure why, but strolling the Santa Monica pier and the Third Street Promenade gave me this overwhelming feeling of "this feels right" and that I am where I am supposed to be. Even just going to class and observing all the happenings on campus has been reassuring and most certainly exciting-- the multitude of opportunities this school has to offer is quite frankly insane. I can tell that this is going to be a busy semester in terms of commitments but alongside commitments I will have many adventures as I get to know Los Angeles. 

As I said, I am going to be busy to a T for quite some time-- but that doesn't mean the weekend won't be used for discovery! I hope to go somewhere new or try out a new food place at least once a week, with my camera in tow, so posts will come as those new ventures occur. How are you guys doing? If you're still on break, my jealousy toward you is booming. Good luck with the start of the semester everyone! xoxo Isabelle 

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