The Voice, 19th Birthday, The Museum of Ice Cream, & The Weeknd

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      Hi everyone! The past few weeks (or month, really) of school have been quite the whirlwind. Aside from finishing up classes and tackling the most stressful finals week, I did quite a bit of adventuring in order to destress a bit. In classic LA fashion, my friends Delaney, Laura, and I snagged tickets to see The Voice live! We were in the pit area of the filming and talked to Alicia Keys and saw all of the judges-- it was safe to say I was starstruck. The entire semester, I only missed one class and it was for this once in a lifetime opportunity to live out my The Voice super fan dream. The following week, my friends and I attended the grand-opening of The Museum of Ice-Cream where we indulged in black cookie dough "ice-cream", swam in a pool of sprinkles, and swung on a banana swing. I left more than full but was naturally able to consume some more ice-cream from Salt & Straw within an hour. #nice The next weekend, I celebrated my 19th birthday a little early (aka before the finals madness) with a brunch with my closest friends at USC. We went to Ivory on Sunset, which was situated on a beautiful rooftop with a pool, aesthetically pleasing decor, and some yummy food to match. The next on my list of things to catch you all up on is The Weeknd concert! My friend Dani and I saw The Weeknd live at The Forum in Inglewood-- our seats were pretty good alone, but The Weeknd was primarily on the walkway so our seats were essentially front row. It's safe to say that I can't listen to The Weeknd anymore because nothing beats seeing him live and up close. 

     I think I covered just about everything new and exciting that I've done recently. Otherwise, I've been holed up in the library approaching delirium while studying for finals. To my dismay, I start summer classes next week and will be working all summer out in LA. Here's to a summer of learning about foreign policy, dance as an art form, and hitting the grind! xx Isabelle 


What to Wear This Summer | Warby Parker Summer 2017 Collection

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     I'm not sure about you, but I've always secretly wanted to have the need for eyeglasses. I guess as someone who appreciates fashion, I see eyeglasses as accessories more than something people actually need to see (shoutout to my four-eyed brother and mom, jokes). Anyway, I teamed up with Warby Parker again to help launch their Summer 2017 eyeglasses collection! While I myself do not wear eyeglasses, I wanted to pick out my favorites from Warby Parker and to show you guys some potential outfit ideas for the summer months. If I did need glasses, I would definitely hit Warby Parker for their sleek designs and affordable quality pieces. P.S. For those of my readers in the LA area, I will be stopping by Warby Parker's opening of their Melrose location on Saturday, April 22nd-- I hope to see you guys there! xoxo Isabelle 

Warby Parker 1

Warby Parker 3


Antelope Valley Poppies

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Wearing:// Dress: Free People 
*First image by Dani Tuchman

     Despite living in Los Angeles, my friends and I often find ourselves locked in the bubble of our campus and constrained by our reliance on Uber. The very thought of driving or having a car at school is enough to get us excited (sad, I know). Last Wednesday, we spontaneously hit the road in our friend's car to see the hyped wildflower super bloom in Antelope Valley. With two photographer fanatics and plenty of Free People, we naturally took heaps of photos. The whole time, I couldn't believe just how beautiful and unreal the whole landscape looked. Sometimes, it's easy to forget that I live in such a beautiful state when I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of campus life. This little road trip was just what I needed to power through finals. 

Speaking of finals, WE ONLY HAVE TWO WEEKS LEFT OF CLASSES! To make finals just a little bit harder for myself, I am seeing The Voice live on Tuesday, my 19th birthday is smack dab in the middle of the last week of the semester, I am seeing The Weeknd the following weekend, and I might just fit in a trip to Disneyland. You're supposed to have fun during your free time instead of studying, right? Right. Well, a paper and actual finals studying awaits me. I'm sorry for a totally unintentional month-long hiatus! Somehow, school always gets the best of me. xoxo Isabelle 

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