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Wearing:// Top: Aritzia, Shorts: Aritzia, Jacket: Aritzia, Shoes: Gucci

      As I just wrapped up the second semester of my sophomore year at USC, I have definitely gained an awareness of time. For one, I'm not sure when I suddenly became a junior in college and graduate school, jobs, the big RW "real world" became things to consider. In the chaos of papers, projects, and exams, writing for my blog has become secondary. Sometimes, I would sit to write but become daunted by trying to break into my own Flickr account to upload pictures and then thoughts of school-related tasks would flood my mind. So, I would put it off until another moment of quiet. As I became rustier and rustier with blogging, I felt less desire to sit down to write and more inclined to mindlessly binge-watch Jane the Virgin. But, what I have recently realized, is that there is no standards for what this blog must be. I used to think that I had to upload at least once a week and to update my Instagram constantly. However, if I've learned one thing this semester, it is that anything you decide to do ultimately must nourish you. Otherwise, what is the point of the work or effort if you do not feel satisfied or you're not brought joy in the process?  
As much as I am trying to be more aware of this newfound wisdom, college is the exception to this mantra. This semester, I found myself not too enthralled by my classes. Whether it is the fact that I took summer classes last year so I am burnt out or the content was simply boring, I feel flat out exhausted by school. That being said, I am excited to announce that I will be interning this summer in Washington, D.C. If you guys are the least bit interested in hearing about my internship experience, please let me know! I am interested in orienting this blog away from the classic outfit post reel towards more practical posts which could benefit fellow college-students/struggling 20-year-olds! (Yes, your girl is now 20-- I'll be making a P.O. box for you to send me a cane!) 

I just wanted to pop in to say that I am alive after all of these months and I am sorry that this semester ruled my life. But! We are back in action for the summer. I plan to post whenever I feel so inclined, so comment any post requests you have in mind. xoxo Izzy 

End Game

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Wearing:// Top & Skirt: Misa Los Angeles (Top) (Skirt), Shoes: Michael Kors (April Block Heel Sandal), Earrings: Bauble Bar 

      The moment I knew we were spending Christmas in a warm climate, I knew that I needed to hit Revolve so I could step out in the best way possible. Although I am lucky to go to school in an equally as lovely place in terms of weather, it is rare at school that I go further than putting on a simple pair of jeans and a graphic tee. That being said, I knew that this two piece Misa Los Angeles getup would be a key look for our trip to Havana, Cuba. I love it because, while the set looks amazing together, I would certainly wear the top and skirt separately to create other looks. Accessory wise, on the way to Cuba, we stopped in Miami for a few days, which is where I picked up these super fun Bauble Bar earrings. Going into the trip, we were aware that we would have the opportunity to ride in one of the signature, vintage cars that are so characteristic of Havana. However, it was a complete and utter coincidence that my pink earrings matched the car to a t and I couldn't have been more excited about that (#bloggerprobs). 

     Ironically, I am writing this post as the East coast faces what newsoutlets are coining a "bomb cyclone". It started snowing at 10pm last night and hasn't stopped one bit; naturally, I suited up in my ski gear only to trudge through the knee-high snow and to snap some photos. Soon after, I retreated to my house to indulge in chocolate Starbucks hot cocoa and mint-chocolate chip marshmallows. That is what I call divine. 


San Diego, Game Day, Home & Other Random Updates

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      Hi everyone! It has been a hot minute since I have done a proper life update on my time at USC and this semester in general. This has truly been a whirlwind of a semester-- from increasingly challenging classes, including two French classes and a pest of a writing class, to football game days to joining a new student organization, I have been entirely busy and barely squeezed in my weekly episode of How to Get Away With Murder. Aside from the trials of studying and trudging through the semester, I did have a nice semester in terms of exploring more of California. Each of these trips was initiated by my friend Morgan, who I've mentioned before and is featured in numerous photos here, whether it was for her lovely birthday weekend in Newport or a trip down to San Diego for a (failed) attempt at going to the Southern California lantern festival. In addition to these much needed get aways, I spent quite a bit of time on campus participating in home games, aka the craziest phenomenon there ever was, to attending my IR frat's invite, which is why I was all dolled up in the last picture. Ironically, the theme of our invite was "A Night in Havana", and just two weeks later, I was actually in Havana, Cuba! 

     Anyone who attends USC would agree that this was theeeee longest semester ever, mostly because we do not have a fall break before Thanksgiving so everyone is toast by the time finals roll around. Given the burnout of summer classes combined with this strenuous semester, I am, of course, entirely dreading spring semester. It is certainly going to be a busy semester but at least I can look forward to being halfway done with college and nearly 20 years old (!!!). With that, I'll wish you all a lovely rest of holiday break and a very happy New Year! xoxo Izzy 

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