Long Weekend in Miami

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For the first time in a week, I can walk around outside and not trudge through snow, and I have never felt better. This winter long weekend, my mom and I ventured to Miami for the sun, shopping, and lots of adventuring. Although we have been to Miami several times, we discovered a new area that we had never before explored-- the Wynwood Art District. I have seen pictures of the Wynwood Walls on Instagram, and as a blogger and photography obsessed person, I told my mom that we had to take a visit. In addition to the closed off mural area, we walked around and saw a variety of murals expressing different messages and featuring many recognizable depictions. My favorite was probably that of the "Stop Wars" mural, featuring Yoda. After taking pictures for about an hour and strolling into boutiques, we ate lunch at Michael's Genuine Food & Drink as recommended by my sister, which features tapas style cuisine. Brunch was absolutely scrumptious! Today, we went to Aventura Mall for a little as it was raining, and we plan on hitting the beach tomorrow to relax. I hope you guys are doing well! xx Isabelle 

The First (Blizzard-esque) Snow

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Wearing:// Top: Oasap, Jacket: Juicy Couture, Pants: A boutique in Paris (BDG Moto Pants), Shoes: Coach, Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim 

All of you are probably, like me, sick of hearing about the #blizzardof2016. But if you live where the big bad Jonas storm wreaked havoc, we'll be seeing the aftermath until everything has finally melted. I went home for the Blizzard festivities and spent all of Saturday curled up in my fashionable sweatpants with hot chocolate in hand, with one venture outside to play with my dog Bentley. Today (Sunday), however, my parents and I went out to brunch and my mom and I braved the cold for 5 minutes to shoot these pictures. Not wearing gloves, I didn't last very long and soon after ran inside frantically. As shown above, my wardrobe during the winter can be summarized in three words; black, knit, and leather. Luckily, however, I will be able to ditch a layer or two when I am in Miami this coming weekend for winter long weekend. I can't wait to get away from New Jersey for a little bit, and hopefully see some much needed sun. 

 In addition to a change of scenery, my min-vacation may just bring along another change; hint --> chop chop? Following me on Instagram @lostbutntfound to see what I'm referencing next week! Who knows how dramatic this change will be? Sending warmth your way, whether you're along the East coast or laughing at us from California. xx Isabelle 

Frigid Winter Nights | January Playlist

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           After school during the winter, I spend my time in my school's writing center working on our student newspaper. Equipped with a Keurig and delectable Starbuck's salted caramel hot chocolate, the Writing Center provides the perfect environment for intellectual conversation and homework productivity. In addition to writing new stories and laying out the next issue, time spent in this serene room also allows room for quiet reflection while watching the beautiful sunsets beyond the grand windows around us. These are some tunes for when you want to add some exuberance to those cold frigid nights (click here for the Spotify playlist). Or, if you go to my school, it is a cold frigid night every night because heat is practically nonexistent so I have resorted to wearing a scarf to bed. 

Sorry to have fallen off of the face of the earth these past couple of weeks- to update you, I have been reading Hard Times by Dickens for AP Euro, working on an article for the paper, skiing at a nearby resort, and catching up on trashy television like The Bachelor and the Kardashians. How have you guys been? I'll  be posting pretty sporadically in the next month as far as I can tell. When spring break arrives, photo posts and outfits from San Francisco will be coming your way! Get hyped, people. xoxo Isabelle 

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